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Asber Green Line Refrigeration

Asber Green commercial fridges and freezers provide businesses with a high quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly refrigeration solution that is compliant with UK environmental legislation. Thanks to production expertise and investment in modern technology, Asber green-line refrigeration units provide businesses with a class-leading solution at a competitive price point.

Saves up to 40% Energy

By utilising CFC-free, environmentally friendly gasses and high-density insulation alongside electronic management systems, Asber Green Line commercial refrigeration units can save operators up to 40% on energy consumption when compared to traditional units. This provides significant cost-in-use savings for business operators.

Stainless Steel Design

High-Quality Stainless Steel
Designed for intensive professional applications, featuring a robust design and perfect finishing.

Polyurethane Insulation

High Density Insulation
40 kg/m³ CFC-free, high-density polyurethane insulation

Ergonomic Integrated handle

Ergonomic Integrated Handle
Designed to avoid dust and dirt collection. Recessed for easier deep cleaning. Heavy duty for repetitive use.

Ventilation Grill

High Ambient Temperatures
Keeps the cooling system well ventilated, allowing to run more efficiently even in high ambient temperatures.

Maintenance Free Condenser

Maintenance Free
Specially designed condensors prevent dust and dirt build up, reducing the need for regular deep cleaning.

Forced draft evaporator

Forced Draft Evaporator
Forced draft evaporator with anti-corrosion cover improves efficiency and minimises maintenence.

Intelligent Air Circulation system

Intelligent Air Circulation
Ensures temperature consistency when door is regularly opened and closed, reducing energy waste.

Automatic evaporation of defrost water

Automatic Defrost Evapouration
Compressor gas is used to evaporate defrost water, Recovering energy and reducing defrost time.

Browse Asber Green Line Refrigeration

The Asber Green Line range features a selection of counter-top and upright commercial refrigerators and freezers designed for use in the UK catering and hospitality markets. Units are available with 1 or 2 doors as well as 2 or 3 door counter-top models.

Upright Models

Asber Green Upright Commercial Refrigerators and Commercial Freezers with Gastronorm compatibility for use in commercial kitchens and catering.

Built from high-quality stainless steel with heavy-duty castors as standard. Featuring environmentally friendly technology that reduce energy consumption up to 40% to deliver excellent cost-in-use savings.

  • Hinged doors with automatic return & locks
  • Intuitive digital controls & temperature adjustment
  • Luminous start-stop light button
  • Door switch stops the fan when door is open
  • Rounded edge interiors for easier cleaning operations
  • Suitable for food containers GN 2/1 or 2 x GN 1/1
  • Equipped with 3 grids GN 2/1 per each full door or 1 grid GN 2/1 per each half door.
From £1,325
  • Fridges: -2 ºC - +8 ºC
    Freezers: 18 ºC to -22ºC
  • GN 2/1 Compatible
  • Parts & Labour Warranty
  • 13A Plug


Selection of upright fridges and freezers available in a range of sizes. All units supplied with heavy-duty castors & 1 year parts & labour warranty as standard.

Upright Fridges

SKU Dimensions Capacity (L) Number of Doors Refrigerant RRP
GCP-701R 2040 x 653 x 842 461 1 R600a £1,325
GCP-1402 2040 x 1318 x 842 922 2 R600a £2,915

Upright Freezers

SKU Dimensions Capacity (L) Number of Doors Refrigerant RRP
GCN-701R 2040 x 653 x 842 461 1 R290a £2,015
GCN-1402 2040 x 1318 x 842 922 2 R290a £3,165

Counter Top Models

Asber Green Countertop Refrigerators with two or three door options available. Designed for professional use in catering and hospitality. High ambient temperatures for kitchen prep areas. All units feature heavy-duty castors and a fully integrated splashback as standard. Compressor components and digital control panels are right hand mounted as standard.

  • Hinged doors with automatic return
  • Integrated stainless steel prep area with splashback
  • Right hand compressor with digital control panel
  • Door switch stops the fan when door is open
  • Rounded edge interiors for easier cleaning operations
  • 6 grid level positions for increased loading capacity, with a distance of 70mm among them
  • Suitable for food containers GN 1/1; equipped with compatible rails
From £1,650
  • -2 ºC - +8 ºC
  • GN 1/1
  • 1 Year Parts, 1 Year Labour
  • 13A Plug


Includes integrated splashback, heavy-duty castors and 6x GN1/1 rails per door as standard. 1-year parts and labour warranty.

Counter Fridges

SKU Dimensions Capacity (L) Number of Doors Refrigerant RRP
GTP-7-135-20 850 x 1342 x 700 143 2 R600a £1,650
GCP-1402 850 x 1792 x 700 214 3 R600a £1,900

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